Laura Sheridan's Art is not only offering lookbooks & photographic services. But she's also offering the option for private classes to enhance your skills and give you an unique insight and workflow to add to your work. From editorial with colorgels or creating photographic paintings ... Every class is made to your wish and we can go as wide or in depth as you want.

The classes are divided in beginners and advanced.

Beginner Classes
are for those completely new in the field; both technically as practically when it comes to photography. Little to no experience are required for this option as they're aimed specifically to those who are new in the field. These classes are aimed to learn you how to work with your camera on manual settings, how to work with model(s), how to pose & capture your stories in camera & how to work with styling and costumes. These can be hold both in the studio as on location depending on the wish of the student. Beside photography, classes on how to post-process your work in Lightroom and/or Adobe Raw & further in Photoshop are also available separately or in combination with your photography part. Just like in the shooting-part, you will be learned everything from the ultimate basics and up on how to use these programs to post-process your work. In these classes you will have access to the basic wardrobe only so the focus is on the technique

Advanced Classes: These classes are for those who have a good basic to advanced knowledge of both their camera as well as post-processing work & are aimed to work deeper into specific styles and/or techniques. For example, this can be entirely focussing on how to achieve a painterly effect in camera or working with color gels to create contempo-modern pieces or how to post-process images to achieve an unique and painterly style. In these classes you have access to the entire wardrobe to style your workshop together with Laura in relation to the wishes of your workshop for an ultimate learning experience.

* Lower price packages are available for Advanced & Master Classes for a temporary time. *

Prices (Beginners)

- Includes access to the basic wardrobe only ; up to two simple outfits depending of the class -

2 hours - 175 Euros (instead of 195 Euros)
4 hours - 375 Euros (instead of 425 Euros)
 6 hours - 625 Euros (instead of 675 Euros)


Prices (Advanced & Master)

- Includes access to entire wardrobe & up to three entire wardrobe changes depending of the class -

2 hours - 195 Euros (instead of 250 Euros)
4 hours - 425 Euros (instead of 475 Euros)
 6 hours - 650 Euros (instead of 725 Euros)

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For certain concepts requiring a more complex make-up and/or sfx material, an additional fee will be asked.
The six hour classes have a shooting-part of maximum 3 hours; in case there is a wish to shoot longer: an extra fee will be asked to hire a second model for optimal shooting performance.

"I attempted a workshop with Laura and had a really great time. I came back home with very good photos to work on. She hasn't only given me technical information, but she also gave me esthetical pieces of advice as well as tips on how to direct and communicate with the model. A 1-on-1 workshop is the best way to learn and to improve your skills. Greatly recommended!" - Frédéric Lejeune

"Ik heb ondertussen zo'n twintigtal workshops bijgewoond en deze staat toch in de top drie. Deels omdat ik de enige deelnemer was maar ook door de kwaliteit en het niveau van de workshop. Het model was "perfect" uitgekozen voor hetgeen we wilden doen en was professioneel (begon niet te zagen na een half uur werk, was niet aan het facebooken en stond open voor de ideeën). De tips, voorstellen en uitleg van Laura waren zeer waardevol en op andere momenten was ze een luisterend oor. Kortom deze workshop is een echte aanrader. Ik kijk al uit naar de volgende." - Johan D. Dermaut