Sheridan's Art is not only offering lookbooks & photographic services. But she's also offering the option for private classes to enhance your skills and give you an unique insight and workflow to add to your work. Retouching plays a big role in Sheridan's Art her work and she decided to offer this service both as a "real life" service in her studio in Antwerp or through an online Skype session.

What is included?

Beginner Classes:
For those completely new in post-processing or photo editing or having a rough basic knowledge and wanting to expand it further and have a wider knowledge of the options available. These classes are aimed at mostly portrait-photography techniques but also cover a lot of the basic tools available for any photographer out there.

Advanced Classes: A full educational program covering all of the (retouching) aspects of my photography. These are aimed at those with a good basic knowledge of photography and post-processing and are mostly aimed at learning how to achieve my signature style of painterly & contemporary photography or post-processing.

Classes from 4 or 6 hours can be split up over two dates for an optimal learning experience.

After the session: I will set up a new appointment with you for a feedback session if you're interested or want a quick more in depth explanation of a certain part of your earlier course. Depending of your choosen class, this will be either a 30 minutes Skype call feedback (1 Hour classes) or a 60 minutes Skype session (2 to 4 hour classes).

All educational material is provided by myself.
A feedback session is valid until 30 days after your class.

Lower price packages are available for Advanced & Master Classes for a temporary time.

Beginner Classes

2 hours + 30 minutes feedback class - 175 Euros (instead of 195 Euros)
4 hours + 1 hour feedback class - 325 Euros (instead of 375 Euros)
6 hours + 1 hour feedback class - 575 Euros (instead of 625 Euros)

Advanced & Master Classes

2 hours + 30 minutes feedback class - 195 Euros (instead of 250 Euros)
 4 hours + 1 hour feedback class -  375 Euros (instead of 425 Euros)
 6 hours + 1 hour feedback class -  625 Euros (instead of 675 Euros)

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