One of the most treasured parts of booking a photoshoot with Sheridan's Art is having access to an entire wardrobe of amazing costumes, headwear & headpieces, jewelry and accessory and even entire sets of armor and wings. For many years this has been an ongoing collection that is to this day still being expanded in all possible styles and sizes to give anyone and everyone, new or returning, something new to choose from.

In the following galleries you can find almost 100 dresses that are available as well as all other pieces, ranging from freely accessible to the unique premium pieces. These galleries will be updated on a regular base when new additions are added.


Size Extra Small & Small

EU 32 - 34 - (small) 36

Size Medium & Large

EU 36 - 38 - 40

Size XL- ...

EU (Large) 40 - 42 - ...



Masks (To be updated)

Chestpieces & Various

Hand Armor (To be released)


Armor, Wings & Various

A lot of the available costumes and dresses can be sizes up or down; please contact Sheridan's Art for options and availability. As professional; there are many tricks to "cheat" in good little ways to play around. The costumes are divided to give an easier introduction in what is available.

Some of the wardrobe photos have also examples of being used on set for photoshoots from both client as personal sets to give an even better understanding of how a piece can look. These will be updated over time as well as pieces I own are being shot.