Contemporary & Fantasy Workshop Weekend - Netherlands
Facebook Events: Contemporary Workshop & Fantasy Workshop

Both are inspired on one of my most asked education subjects: contemporary photography & fantasy photography. Saturday is all aimed at how to create simple yet striking beautiful images that feel like they're made in another era.

Just like any other class Laura will take you through the entire process from both the technical aspect on how to work with a (simple) light-set up and how to pose your model to using the results from the shooting in photoshop and how to transform them into something that looks more traditional than digital when booking the contemporary workshop. In the fantasy it's all about creating fairytales in the studio & how to get a surreal and phantasmagorial yet beautiful atmosphere with light, colored gels, beautiful dresses, props & flowers.

Find some contemporary examples here - Fantasy & Contempo-Modern (colored gel) here.

Sheridan's Art will take care of the models, styling and props. Studio equipment and both snacks as drinks will be provided by her as well. The participant only needs to bring lunch; his or her own camera, a laptop and tablet if used.


Where will it happen?
Studio 34X ( ) in the Netherlands

When: 6th of may 2017 between 10.00 & 18.00
Please be sure to arrive on time as the workshop starts at 10.00!

Price of admission: 250 Euro (incl vat)
Seats are limited to a maximum of 10 people for an optimal guidance & shooting experience for each event! If you're interested in both days, let me know & you get a 10% off on your total.

Level required: basic knowledge of both photography as photoshop.