About the photographer

Laura is a Belgium based professional photographer & educator based in Antwerp. Born in 1991 in an art loving family, her path into the art started at a very young age. Thought she didn't pick up a camera until the age of 17, she was always fascinated by creating art. Just a year after graduating in 2015 at Karel De Grote Hogeschool in Antwerp, she started her own professional photography studio where she has been pursuing a full-time career since the summer of 2016. She received her European Qualification in the same year and become one of the five broncolor GenNEXT ambassadors in 2018.

With her work being heavily inspired by the preraphaelites, baroque and mythology but also with a flair of modern creativity she quickly made a trademark style that’s both timeless and beautiful but also strong and unique - offering something that has not been seen before. Due to this, she has been welcoming clients from all over the world for her personalized make-over portraiture sessions and she’s been working with designers & companies to create stunning images for their business worldwide.


Laura is een professioneel fotografe gebaseerd in België, Antwerpen. Geboren in 1991 vond ze al van jonge leeftijd een passie voor creativiteit en cultuur - maar duurde het tot haar 17e toen ze een kleine, digitale camera voor haar verjaardag kreeg dat ze haar grootste passie ontdekte. In 2015 studeerde ze af aan Karel De Grote hogeschool met een bachelor in fotografie; waarna ze in de zomer van 2016 haar eigen studio startte in het hart van Antwerpen.

Awards, Ambassadorships & Publications


Honorable Mention “IPA - International Photography Awards” (with the “Arcadia” series)
Ambassador for Fine Art Backdrops
Bronze Award - “Student & Young” Category / Federation of Professional European Photographers


GenNEXT broncolor ambassador


Four times nominated in the "Fine Art Photography Awards"
Exhibitionist "Lens Op De Mens"


Received "European Qualified" nomination
Nominee "Fine Art Photography Awards"


Won a membership with the graduation series "Absolute Beauty" at (Belgium) National Association for Professional Photographer


The Huffington Post, DesignTaxi, Metro (Be), Metro (US), Photo Vogue Italia, Dreamers Collection (Exposure Awards), Dark Beauty Magazine