All-In-One Product Photography:

Exclusively for:
independent designers, small businesses and those who make handmade.

Never have good images been more important then now: your social media is your online business cards, clear and beautiful product shots will sell your work and styled shoots are your to-go-to marketing tool to make a great first impression. But there is just so much time in a day and I’m sure you rather spend that time creating. That’s why I launched this service specifically for independent designers and small businesses: After working for ten years with designers worldwide for both artistic and commercial projects, I am now offering this experience to the independent and handmade market out there who are in need to elevate their business to the next level or are looking to create more time for what’s important.

This service is available for designers who make:

- Jewelry - Wearable Art - Accessories - Latex - Lingerie & Nightwear - Collars & harnesses - Fashion - Corsetry - wings - …


Please note that Studio Sheridan’s Art has the right to at, at all time, refer a potential clients to the “company” rates if a business does not fit the “independent/handmade” brand.
The following rates below are designed for young/small/independent/handmade artists & designers only -

Tell a story & Capture your audience

Do you want to tell a story with your work? Are you looking to make your costumers dream away or be mesmerized by what they see. Whatever your goal is: these packages are here for you to make sure your work catches the eye of your audience, online and offline.

Editorial & Lookbook

1. Session includes: 1 styled look in the studio or location: 175 Euro
Each extra look / change of jewelry (set): +75 Euro
(Maximum 6 - please inquire through the contact form if you need more)

Per edited image: 50 Euro

2. Session includes: 2 looks in the studio or location: 325 Euro
Each extra look / change of jewelry (set): +75 Euro
(Maximum 6 - please inquire through the contact form if you need more)

Per edited image: 50 Euro

Make-up: from 75 Euros / Look + Travel expenses (if applicable)
Hair: from 75 Euros / Look + Travel expenses (if applicable)

Model: To be discussed.


Let your product shine!

Choose for either: Well-lit and clean: your products will be captured without distractions. Simple and effective. Or are you looking for product images that are more creative yet not distracting from what you sell? Chique, clean & black? A mirrored surface? A black backdrop with a hint of colored light? Your work against the evening light outside or captured amongst nature? Rather a more lifestyle look? Surrounded by crystals?

Single Catalogue / Product Package:

1. Session: either mannequin or surface: 75 Euro / Each extra piece: +25 Euros
Per edited image: 25 Euro

2. Session:
on both mannequin & surface: 150 Euro for 1 piece / Each extra piece: + 50 Euro
Per edited image: 25 Euro

3. Session:
on model only: 100 Euro for 1 piece / Each extra piece: +50 Euro
Per edited image: 35 Euro
+ Model expenses (see disclaimer)

Full Catalogue / Product Package: 250 Euro / Each extra piece: +175 Euro

Includes the three base sessions, the gallery to choose from & 1 edited image from each set.
Extra images are available at 25 Euro/Photo.

Price does not include any model/travel expenses & shipping (see disclaimer).

All-In-One Package
Product - Catalogue & Stylised Session

Are you looking for the entire product from start to finish? The studio makes it possible! Spend your time creating your designs and I will deliver an entire production in your inbox.

All-in-One Package:

1. Base price session : 350 Euro (One look, for one piece / set / costume)
Includes any product photography, catalogue work (on model) and a styled session.

2. Edited images:
- Product image: 25 Euro/Image
- Catalogue (w/model):
35 Euro/image
- Stylised session: 50 Euro/Image

Additional look(s)/piece(s)/sets are can be added for 150 Euro each.


Excluded: Professional make-up and/or hair, model fee, travel expenses (if applicable), shipping costs, import taxes (if applicable).
Sessions with a model will be shot in one day, on the same day with the same model.

Contact Form

Are you interested in booking? Do you have any inquiries?
Please use the contact form below to get in touch with me and I will get back as soon as possible.

Name *
What do you want me to photograph?
Package *
Which package(s) do you desire or want to inform about?
I would require for my session:
This is only to ensure a quicker and better service
Studio or Location
Is there anything you would like to tell/ask me that is not covered in the contact form?

Base prices includes:
- Handling of packages
- All preparations & arrangements
- Your actual session(s)
- All available styling & props (for stylised sessions)
- An online gallery protected with password including your low-res images to choose your favorite(s) from.

Prices do not include:
- Shipping expenses
- Any import taxes (if any)
- Model fee and/or travel expense(s) ; these are discussed upon your wish(es)/desire(s) and are directly paid to the model(s).
- Professional make-up artist (from 75 Euros + travel expenses - invoiced directly by the makeup artist)
- Professional hairstylist (from 75 Euros + travel expenses (if necessary - invoiced directly by the hairstylist).
- In case of location session(s) that are not available in Antwerp, a travel fee applies with all travel expenses covered.

Catalogue Photos w/ Model:
Make-up & Hair
is kept clean and simple (within the client desired theme).
A professional make-up artist can be hired separately to ensure a good look.
Styling is optional from the available wardrobe.

Are you only looking for a product photographer without post-processing?
Please contact me for a quote based upon your wishes and I will get back to you as soon as possible.