Before The Session

This section will cover all of your questions prior to booking and before the actual shooting date itself.
Please visit "The Day Itself" & "After your session" for any follow up information or answers to your questions!

Before booking

1. BEFORE BOOKING: Prices & Packages

All of the pricing information for available packages & options can be found at the following link. There are two main options: "Classic" (which doesn't include the wardrobe) & "Deluxe" (which includes the entire wardrobe). Each package has a set amount of (finished) portraits but does not include any make-up and/or hair. All information regarding that can be found on the "Make-up & Hair" section on the website.

2. How To Book: Consultations & the booking process

Sessions can be booked by contacting me through email by using the contact form; a reply will be send within 3 working days (monday to friday). Further below is more information regarding the information needed to book the session and other details to make your portrait session come true.

Before your booking, it's entirely possible to have an (online) consultation as well for wardrobe fittings and/or any other inquiries. Please use the contact form as well to contact me regarding this option. Consultations can be held in Antwerp (at my home studio or in the city) or through Skype.

1. BOOKING PROCESS: What to include

Sending the first email can be pretty daunting for some or confusing what to write; so I want to give some information that is great to add to make the process go much smoother for all parties involved. An important note is: no bookings will be made until you agree to be send an invoice; after all the terms & conditions apply.

1. Emails can be written in either Dutch or English

2. Tell me which package(s) you're interested in or are considering

3. When your preferred time is: Sessions can be booked on wednesdays, fridays, saturdays & sundays depending on availability. A great way to check the (potential) available options is my online calender which is publicely accessible. Please note that these dates may vary & have no guarantee hair and/or make-up is available but they're a great indication!
Sessions can be booked up until end of august 2018; from the 1st of september 2018 sessions can only be booked up to 3 months in advance.

4. While make-up is not an option but a necessarity to book extra (with no exceptions); you can let me know if you want a hair stylist on your set as well or if you want to rent my wig(s) (or both!). This will help to determine more available dates.

5. Your concept and/or story: I've received both very personal messages and stories why people want to book; but also childhood daydreams, inspiration or even playing their own characters from games or books. Including this will allow me to understand what you want much better and will also help. You can include a pinterest board, images or collage or anything else that you think will help the team & I make it an absolutely amazing experience!

6. Your clothing size(s) and/or any preferences in style of genre. This will allow me to quickly figure out if I have anything to fit the demad or if measurements have to be taken or solutions to be found. The wardrobe is pretty wide in style, genre & size but every dream has a little touch of reality on the egde and this way I can ensure that touch of reality stays far far away.

3. AFTER THE INITIAL CONTACT: Further in the conversation(s)

1. I will ask for your name & address to write out the invoice (if you did not give it to me in the first correspondence). This information is for the administration alone and will be used to book in your session on your desired date. No dates can be reserved without payment; with no exceptions. More information can be found by reading the terms & conditions or downloading the following pdf with all details

2. The make-up artist (and hairstylist if booked) will get in touch with you by email to discuss your wishes and give the price. Sheridan's Art does not take any responsibility for this part of the process as she believes the professionalism of her team ensures a good service; as well as their knowledge and experience will allow for a more detailed follow-up of the dreams. The payment will also be directly arranged between both of you.

Both make-up & hair have a set price; going from 50 euros (hair) & 75 euros (make-up) up to two higher packages depending on the complexity, time, material and skill involved.

3. The photographer will also get in touch with you to confirm if payment has been received. In case of delayed payment, a follow-up email will be send. Please see the terms & conditions for any information regarding these matters.


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