"Bizarre Romantique" - A Makeup Collaboration

I rarely shoot for others on a collaborative base anymore; especially when it doesn't involve designers. However, exceptions can always be made when they they either greatly inspire or when I love the one who contacts me dearly. In this case it was a matter of both + a great deal of gratitude and this is the amazing result! This is "Bizarre Romantique" - a project entirely created by Jane Von Vintage for her portfolio and her very first publication in Femme Rebelle (March 2018, Book 1). Jane took care of everything: from the concept & casting to preparing everything else art-directory wise. She borrowed a wig and a dress from my wardrobe to complete the look and concept. And last but definitely not least: she did the makeup look on the beautiful Nymphiah who came from the Netherlands to make this concept happen.

My part was only photography & editing the project as she also took everything else under her wings: including the selection of the final shots. I haven't done much of these yet on a collaborative base, but it's really refreshing sometimes to "only" take care of a small part and do a collaboration almost as a paid job. I do am really happy with the results and I hope you like them too!


"Bizarre Romantique"

Concept/Make-up - Jane Von Vintage
Model -
Wig - Webster Wigs
Photography & Edit - Sheridan's Art

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And as published in "Femme Rebelle" - March 2018; Book I

Client Commission: Skull Special & Osipa

Kim is one of my lovely clients who had booked two specials of mine: one with the epic Skull make-up by Kika Von Macabre & a second special with the design of one of my favorite designers Agnieszka Osipa Couture. I'm finally able to share these results which I'm absolutely in love with! Shooting these special kinds of commissions are one of my favorite things to shoot these days, allowing all the creativity and working to the tiniest details possible.

if you're interested in your own session, I'm taking bookings for the summer! Just contact me through the contact form on here & we can work something out.


Model - Kim
Halo & Chestpiece - Hysteria Machine
Makeup - Kika Von Macabre
Photography - Sheridan's Art


Model - Kim
Couture - Agnieszka Osipa
 Makeup - Kika Von Macabre
Photography - Sheridan's Art

Mytholon Lookbook 2017

Shooting for Mytholon

If you would have told me a year ago that I would be posting this blog exactly a year later I wouldn't have believed it. But its here and its real & its awesome!

A while ago I purchased my very first set of armor from Mytholon to start my "Arcadia" series. Due to a simple tag and a message shortly after (followed by many weeks & months of preparations); it happened: I was shooting the catalogue and promotional material for Mytholon. For someone in the fantasy industry & aspiring to progress further; this was a dream coming true! Who else can say they shoot elven warriors and mages for a living right?

After a long casting process, I got to work with some amazing new people and some familiar faces: Alain, Peter , Dorian, Gwen & Loes. The entire wardrobe (except for 2 pieces) is provided by Mytholon ; including all the armor, weapons, staff & details. Only the branches crown from Hysteria Machine for our mage & a simple golden crown from Pendulous Threads aren't from them.

It was one of the biggest challenges ever so far, but in the end it all came together so amazingly and I'm so excited to be finally sharing this set with all of you! I had to keep it under wraps for a while ... soon I should have some of the marketing material featuring my work and I hope to share those shortly as well!  For now, I hope you enjoy!

If you're a designer or brand looking for an unique lookbook like this, please don't hesitate to get in touch! My services are available for a wide variety of budgets and styles.

The Goron Chronicles

The Goron Chronicles

Meet Cornish landlord Goron as he is forced to fight for king Mordred against evil forces threatening the kingdom. After fierce battles on the cornish coast, Goron returns as a true hero. Being jealous of his success Mordred sends out Gwenora, a blue witch, to seduce Goron to the dark side, turning him against his own people. Torn between two worlds, Goron ultimately finds the power to confront Gwenora in an ultimate battle.

Will he succeed ?

This has been a project in the making for many months and one I deeply cherish for it's adventure, meaning, challenge & opportunity. It all started when my warrior "Goron" (aka Wim), turned 50 and decided that he had to celebrate this occassion in a very special way. Before I knew it, I was shooting a real life myth at Tintagel castle, many miles away from Belgium in England under his command.

Aging is something none of us likes to do and seeing how he dealed with it was so absolutely amazing and so inspiring. We called it "dealing with a midlife crisis the good way" and its definitely I'm aspiring to do now as well once I hit those dreaded life-marks!

It all started many months back when my dear friend Saida (you all know her as Ophidia) asked me if I would be interested in shooting her father with the rest of the family in a "Game Of Thrones" styled setting for his birthday. Needless to say, the answer was a big yes and wheels set in motion.

Before I know it, I found myself at their home discussing the details as no effort would be to much: we where going to England, Cornwall to be specific, to shoot the project. Together with me was Kika, who was going to be our makeup mastermind who was invited as well. Fast forward, a purchase of armor later (last-minute) & a bunch of preparations we headed off to Cornwall for an entire week to shoot the series.

It was amazing. Every second of it.  Even though I was also really nervous. I had no clue what to expect, what the locations would be, how I would be able to pull off the story over so many days ... not to mention, would I be able to bring it all together later? What if the shots didnt match up? What if the story didn't unfold? What if I couldn't pull it off technically? What if the weather was bad?

There where so many things yet once we where there, car loaded to the roof with costumes and props, it all started. We shot it over about four days time, ranging from "our backyard" in Fowey to the iconic place Tintagel. Standing at the edge of cliffs watching over what I only have been reading about with my obsession for the celtic & arthurian mythology (I grew up with "mists of avalon" as bedtime story, over & over again).

Shooting it all was breathtaking, in the end. I had so much fun. I pushed my boundaries. Became a hairdresser on the job (I shaved a viking mohawk hairdo on him!) and shot my first fantasy family portrait. I never shot a project this big, this complicated and this intense. And it was awesome. Receiving a call yesterday that they loved the shots was one of the coolest moments of my life, followed by being able to share these results with all of you!

I hope you find this story of "how someone deals with a midlife crisis at 50" equally as inspiring & I hope you love the shots. Below you can find the "outtakes" that they didn't select for the story, but which I'm allowed to share. This was the coolest job I've ever done and I hope more will come over time!

*Find the behind the scenes here*


Goron & Family (Wim, Daisy, Nando & Saida)
Makeup - Kika Von Macabre
Armor (Leather & Steel), Weapons & Chainmaille - Mytholon
Cloaks - El Costurero Real
Photography & Post-processing: Sheridan's Art

A Client Blog

There was a while I didn't blog at all & then the time happened that blogging came on a second place in the chaos. But like it often goes: I fell sick (damn flu!) and I'm catching up on all those tiny things I always wanted to do but never got around too because sitting still is something I just cannot do. One of the things I wanted to do was finally catching up on my client blogs once & for all. I can not always show everything and when I can, I only try to show the best in my portfolio. But on this blog I can show it all.

Here are most of the clients I've had the honour to photograph in the last few months (and I am allowed to share) with all of you! There are many more but those have mostly been shared on my facebook and/or blog already or are from before the time I had my own studio & worked from home out. Its still amazing to see them together like this so maybe one day I will make an entire 2016/2017 one-year-in-business-blog!

Model - Kasia
MUA - Kika von Macabre
Mask/Halo/Chestpiece - Hysteria Machine
Claws - Arma Medusa
Photography - Sheridan's Art

Model - Antigone
Mask - Hysteria Machine
Photography - Laura Sheridan's Art

Model - Kim
Halo & Chestpiece - Hysteria Machine
Photography - Sheridan's Art

Model - Heidi
MUA - Kika von Macabre
Headpiece - Hysteria Machine
Photography - Sheridan's Art

Model - Gizzy Lovett - Photography & Model
Makeup - Kika von Macabre
Head- & Shoulderpiece - Hysteria Machine
Photography - Sheridan's Art

Model/MUA - Fairytale Prince
Crown - Hysteria Machine
Collar - Renaissance Attic
Armor - Mytholon
Cloak - El Costurero Real
Photography - Sheridan's Art

This was a special day! Check the blog for the full story & the other shots I've made with her.

Model - Lady V
MUA - Kika von Macabre
Hand Jewelry - Arma Medusa
Photography - Sheridan's Art

Lookbook Collaboration - Thrjar

I've been an admirer of Daria Endresen her work since the day Renee Robyn shared an article on her page. Shortly after - like life goes - I got in touch with the photographer herself and a big plan got born as she also was the brain behind the jewelry brand Thrjar.

Long story short, we decided to collaborate and this is the first result featuring some of her incredible designs! I asked my dear friend & muse Fox & Lionheart to model these designs as she has the most incredible hands and she also had this "feel" I was looking for.

Shooting jewelry & couture from some incredible designers lately has been filling up my time & I'm thinking to slowly add this "lookbook-shooting" to my permanent service as well as photographer. It's something I've rekindled and incredible passion for and I'm also finally feeling confident enough to make this an actual service. I had the honour to shoot a real lookbook once already and I have bookings for two more others soon. So who knows where this will bring me too! For now though I'm really enjoying this collaboration with Thrjar. I hope you enjoy as well!

Model - Fox & Lionheart
Cloak - El Costurero Real
Jewelry - Thrjar
Photography & Retouch - Sheridan's Art

A Lifestream Blog

Just now I tried the new feature on Instagram to use the "livestream" function and it turned out absolutely amazing! For a few hours I've been chatting, answering questions & editing all together with those who joined in.

I promised I would show the final results & the entire process of original - raw edit & final image later on my blog. So here they're!

I'm looking into more options to do this over time as it's something I really enjoy doing. For now I hope you enjoy the results! These are from older sets and I just experimenced with it and went with the creative flow.

Veil Set - Model: Fox & Lionheart
Crown Set: Model - Punzel; MUA - Margot; Crown - Agnieszka Osipa
Dark Set - Model & Costume: La Dutchessa