Ripped Reality

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A little bit ago I finally got my hands on some fractal filters and I couldn't wait to try them out. It's a very tricky thing and I'm still getting used to it but I had a lot of fun with it nonetheless! Lately I feel more experimental and I simply want to create interesting things with less aim to be "classically" beautiful or what I usually do. It's a natural growth process for me that I'm slowly but steady getting familiar with. Last time I had it was back in last months of 2015 (around the same time exactly a year ago!) that has brought me to my current route. Deciding back then to stop doing as much location and go back to studio as my biggest focus point has been the best thing so I always embrace these moments now.

The following pieces are made with Aeons of Silence as model with makeup by Kika Von Macabre, the dress is a vintage but the gorgeous headpiece is by Olesya Bryutova. Photograpy & video is by yours truly Sheridan's Art.