A Retouching Class Example

I've just finished teaching yet another (online) retouching class with Leïlan L. Photographer ! She booked my biggest workshop package a few weeks ago and attended but we decided to schedule the retouching part to a later day. Below in the blog you can see every step we took (original - raw edit in Lightroom - final photoshop)

She wanted to learn how to achieve the 'painterly' effect I love so much and how to get the maximum out of shooting with colorgels. We did both edits in each an hour from how I approach my work in Lightroom and finalize it in Photoshop.

The model on that date was Mathilde T. - Modèle  wearing headpieces by Hysteria Machine & dresses from my wardrobe (all available in my studio!).

Find more info for private classes here & for (online) retouching classes here! You can also always mail me on info@sheridansart.com