"Bizarre Romantique" - A Makeup Collaboration

I rarely shoot for others on a collaborative base anymore; especially when it doesn't involve designers. However, exceptions can always be made when they they either greatly inspire or when I love the one who contacts me dearly. In this case it was a matter of both + a great deal of gratitude and this is the amazing result! This is "Bizarre Romantique" - a project entirely created by Jane Von Vintage for her portfolio and her very first publication in Femme Rebelle (March 2018, Book 1). Jane took care of everything: from the concept & casting to preparing everything else art-directory wise. She borrowed a wig and a dress from my wardrobe to complete the look and concept. And last but definitely not least: she did the makeup look on the beautiful Nymphiah who came from the Netherlands to make this concept happen.

My part was only photography & editing the project as she also took everything else under her wings: including the selection of the final shots. I haven't done much of these yet on a collaborative base, but it's really refreshing sometimes to "only" take care of a small part and do a collaboration almost as a paid job. I do am really happy with the results and I hope you like them too!


"Bizarre Romantique"

Concept/Make-up - Jane Von Vintage
Model -
Wig - Webster Wigs
Photography & Edit - Sheridan's Art

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And as published in "Femme Rebelle" - March 2018; Book I