Shooting with a flaslight only

An Fstoppers challenge

A while back, Nicole posted a challenge for the Fstoppers community where you could only use a flashlight as your main source of light, with the option of using the available light as well. And ofcourse - I had to try this. Why wouldn’t I? Lately I’ve been feeling incredibly inspired by going outside my own comfort zone, trying new things and challening myself (especially with my broncolor GenNEXT gear! Got a lot to tell about that soon). Though for this one it was all about the basics and playing around with that ultimate diy budget so I took this opportunity with both hands. I had already invited Maki over for a session, so I asked if she was up for all of the experimenting to come as I had some ideas in mind: using (basic) prisms, my actual fractal filters but also my colorgels and the bare flashlight as it was. I also used some good, old waterspray to give some texture to her and get some reflection here and there (or that I hoped)! And for the rest I kept it as simple as possible, with one exception of course: I had to use the headpiece by KatzLittleFactory because I’m a sucker for those kind of aesthetics …

The effects I got where mainly by either shooting through my prisms, but also using them to create effects like the rainbow(line). With the gels it was pretty straightforward: somehow getting enough color without being overly saturated and ugly (and some photoshop to enhance the darker colors into a gorgeous blue. Yey split toning!). I tried to record a bit of behind the scenes to show (and proof) I DID only use my flashlight and the available light. Its definitely not the best ever, but I do hope you like the little sneak peak how we somehow pulled it all of. I think I might try this again over time, but we shall see.

I hope you enjoy the little video & below the gallery you can find some before & after too if that interests you!


Model - Maki
Headpiece - Katz Little Factory
Photography & Editing - Studio Sheridan’s Art

Gear used: Canon 5D Mark III + 50mm f1.4
Edited in Adobe Raw & Photoshop