A new chapter

Nobody evolves by standing still and you can learn only from your mistakes. Right now, this summer of 2018: I'm going to be 2 years in official full-time business. In the first weekend of september I opened my little studio officially.

It's still one of the best life decisions I've ever made and I'm stoked to see what the next two year will bring me! But I focus on the present now, as that will shape how my future will look like. This summer I've deliberately took it slower on the client front because I feel I needed some time to focus and revisit what the past two years have thought me:

One major change is a realisation I spoke about in today's mentoring class I was teaching as well: "You get what you pay for" ; something we often use in relation to products we buy and what quality we (didn't) get. It's also used sometimes in relation to the services - to both validate why we paid so much for something or to take action if it's not what we wanted.

Because of that and taking everything that happened in retrospect I've decided to at least double my prices for my portraiture services from the 1st of september 2018 on. This is for a multitude of reasons: What I offer with my studio has been tripled in wardrobe and technical quality and material ; especially now I have the honour to work as Gen NEXT ambassador for broncolor - allowing me with some of the best gear currently available on the market.

On the other hand - I've also come to a new realisation: you get what you pay for and I've decided that my time has become to valuable to spend too short on what I offer after ten years of non-stop practice, upgrading, educating and growing myself as a professional. Because of that I've decided to take on a certain amount of personal sessions each month, pre-planned so I can deliver a level of quality and service I've only been dreaming of so far. It will allow me to not spend a set amount of time, but up to a day easily to create stunning imagery that is worthy of being printed and framed or even mounted on big format to hang in your living room or bedroom, because the art I create for you has to live outside your screen.

I want to create each portrait like a piece of art, that will not grow less valuable as time passes by but will be a piece that can be passed on. And not only as a final product; I want to approach each of my bookings like I do my personal work: with research, preparations, have the time for a consultation and even the opportunity to bring in new pieces which they can shoot as first for an unique concept that has not been done before. Creating moodboards and themes, coördinate each session like it's a high end commercial production.

I want my sessions to become a real experience - even more than what I already have been offering so far and bring in details and a service I have been dreaming of. From beginning, with the preparations and during each session and after.

And I can only do that if I start valueing what my business is worth - and after two years of welcoming clients from all over the world: Belgium, Netherlands, France, Germany, England, Ireland, Finland, Slovakia, ... It's time to start a new chapter. And it's going to be so worth it.

You get what you pay for.
I want it to be priceless from now on.
With no exceptions anymore.