A dress fit for my warrior queen

I have a lowkey obsession with the designs from Fairytas, a Netherlands based designer who is specialising in fantasy couture. Over the time we got in touch with another and I’ve had the pleasure of working with her on a variety of personal projects since then. When I reached out to her for a project, she offered me probably one of my most favorite designs I have ever worked with in my ten years of doing this: this gorgeous red and gold set, fit for a queen straight out of the Seven Kingdoms and universes beyond where warrior queens and shieldmaidens rule the earth.

I knew when I saw it I also had to use it for my “Arcadia” series and some bits and pieces in between. Forever inspired that I am and making time for “just one more concept”. Who needs sleep anyway when you can shoot epic designs right?

For this I reached out to my muse and dear friend, Mara (Illyria Okami) - with who I had discussed already that one day we had to do our iconic “Supremacy” image again - for the Arcadia series as well. It kind of escalated from there on in shooting for my “The Eden Project” (<—- nsfw link) and since I had this new, beautiful backdrop I decided I needed some tests on that as well. Since I know Mara pretty well, we ended up shooting all of this fairly quickly. Editing also went as a breeze and that’s how I ended up with a ton of images again I want to share on this blog with all of you today!


Model - Illyria Okami
Costume (corset, skirt & cloak) - Fairytas
Armor - Mytholon
Circlet - Ayalgas
Photography & Edit - Laura Sheridan / Studio Sheridan’s Art

Gear & Post-processing

Everything is shot with broncolor. Mostly my siros 800 with an octabox and for the single (last) shoot I used a small stripbox to add that blue light as a contrast. I also used a giant reflector for the darker parts of each session to just bring in a bit of light and detail.

Most editing happened in Capture One Pro. Photoshop was used for any graphical elements, cleaning up the image, adding texture and minor clean-up.

Everything is shot with a Canon 5D Mark III with a 50mm 1.4