Product Photography: Raspberry Mazohyst

Lookbook: “Ghastly Bathory”

By Laura Sheridan
in collaboration with Raspberry Mazohyst

The same piece worn by My Fragility in a beauty project. Hair & Makeup by Eline Deblauwe.

The same piece worn by My Fragility in a beauty project. Hair & Makeup by Eline Deblauwe.

I realised I never shared one of my favorite collaborations ever with Raspberry Mazohyst - an amazing Polish designer who walks the line between the dark fashion and fetish aesthetics. I’ve been admiring his work for a long time and I had the pleasure of collaborating with him on a variety of projects in the past year or two ro so. Thought this was the first time I photographed one of his collars in all it’s pure and simple glory and it’s still one of my favorite projects to date.

There is something about his designs that make my heart sing: I love the aesthetics that fetish fashion has but it has to have that line of sensuality and indepence, beauty and strength. I wanted to capture that yet also enhances the materials he uses in his work. Since he uses a lot of hardware and pvc in his work, I wanted to do something very clean lit to embrace and enhance his vibes, while keeping the colour pallete to an absolute minimum to not have any distractions.

The first set I did was shot on my black mannequin against a black backdrop; this resulted in a very chique and luxury kind of feel - exactly what I was going for. The second set I shot on a piece of black plexi with one light source to show the transparancy. One detail I absolutely love is his branding on the side, which also made for an awesome detail shot.

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