My home studio: Part 2

If you didn’t see my previous post (my home studio), I highly recommend checking it out as it’s the first part of my small, humble home space where I’ve been working for the past two years on my business. I thought I would show a bit on where I spend way too much time when I’m not shooting but basically everything else: from writing blogs like this to my post-processing, emails and also some gaming each now & then.

When I’m working with clients, table are taken out and all set-up - transforming this place in an instant studio filled with music of their choice, tons of talking and giving people some serious make-overs that the studio has been know for.

But for now since I temporarily closed bookings due to too much work, I’ve been working mostly on my own here these days which has been a great breath of fresh air for me. It also made my space a bit more personal, as I tend to leave a lot of my personal belongings around. But for the biggest part, this is how it often looks. I wanted my space to be personal and cozy - both because I spend so much time here but also as I’ve heard from my clients they actually loved it felt like such a personal space. I’ve been playing into that a bit.

My room itself is kind of the same size as my studio, a bit wider maybe. And it works perfectly for what I need: I use half the space for wardrobe and storage (long live Ikea!) with the rest being an instant “interior” styling with some of my favorite designs or pieces I can’t store away due to space. There is also a bunch of flowers and plants basically everywhere I can: without those I feel this place gets cold and uncomfortable.

The dinosaurs I got to explain is a joke of my boyfriend, but I left them as they make me smile basically every single time I see them guarding my old camera collection.

My desk is one with two screens: one is for Netflix/Youtube so I can listen to some of my favorite series and movies when I’m editing or Spotify which usually is playing game music (like right now). My computer is one build by my boyfriend (as it’s his “old” one) - don’t ask me for the specifics. I don’t know. It works like a beast though and it even has lights in it so I’m happy. The rest is pretty straightforward: keyboard and mouse with an ergonomic mousepad (health first). A blanket on my chair because I get cold all the time.

Some of the corners are currently stacked: either with pieces I’ve sold and need to ship in the next day or two or some collabs (because I had to ship them back and I don’t have new boxes yet). It’s the safest place right now to keep those stacked as either my wardrobes are full, I’ve been working in the studio in the past days. It’s also a spot the cats never come, which is only extra points.

My view is on a park. Which is amazing. Again, green and nature makes me happy and I love hearing the birds - especially now with spring and summer. And my screen of course, duh.

So I hope you liked the insight in my cozy office! Again it’s humble and small, but again: it’s my space. I can work here, I can close the door at the end of a long day (and night). It’s at my home space as well so I can walk from work straight into my living room and welcome the cats anytime they need my immediate attention for cuddles (which happens every hour or so).

And it’s my space. It’s cool.