The Wayfarer

The Wayfarer

“This is Antwerp” series in collaboration with Giulia Danese

This is a series I wanted to start on for a while already in my beautiful town of Antwerp: there is something about this place here I love. A lot. It’s history, it’s architecture, it’s love for culture, the always changing scenery from old to modern and everything in between. It has some iconic backdrops and spots - and I’m not talking about the cathedral alone - though that’s definitely a highlight - but spots like this gem have made my heart sing ever since I discovered and worked there. My first shoot was in 2012 I think and I kept it around for once I have those epic concepts.

One of those was with Giulia Danese, we intended to work together for ages but somehow it never happened as either I got fully booked or she got a lot going on. The usual “universe creating chaos” stuff. Totally fine as I’ve already learned that if things are meant to happen, they will happen. And on a personal note I always add “I usually only get better” (because I’m such an obsessive compulsive creator that needs to constantly see improvement or I will get even more eager to create). So there is that.

When we did get around to it, I got to borrow two gorgeous designs of her - which I immediately knew I wanted to put on my dear friend Luce Del Sole. A bit like most things, but mostly because she has that elegance and grace I needed when climbing and having on old cranes (well at least when we are seriously working together … half of our shoots are usually derp photos).

Also as usual: I decided to quickly edit some outtakes that didn’t make the final cut for various reasons. Mostly because the colors where just not what I wanted but that light and frame was just too lush to pass on. I have a lowkey obsession with these gritty, noise black-and-white photos.


Model - Luce Del Sole
Makeup - Saartje Van Den Haute
Dress - Giulia Danese
Photography & Retouch - Laura Sheridan / Studio Sheridan’s Art


Canon 5D Mark III
Canon 50mm 1.4 & Canon 24-70mm 4.0
broncolor Siros 800 l
broncolor Softbox 60x100


Overall colour toning and post-processing happened in
Capture One Pro. Cleaning & final toning happened in Photoshop.

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