Backdrops & Abbeys

Backdrops & Sceneries

Because studio’s don’t always need to be inside

It’s one of these ideas I had for a long time, partially out of curiousity and fascination but also because I do like a challenge of working outside my box of creativity and vision - even if I’m not sure if it are my aesthetics. Location is one of those things as a whole, despite many attempts. I’m still a studio-lover mostly - but there is also this subject I’ve seen a few times of people taking backdrops on location and shooting around them. It really fascinated me for the longest of times but I never got around to it honestly. Until I became a Fine Art Backdrops ambassador (thank you again so much for having me!). There was no better time then when I would have these two beautiful backdrops so I decided to just try. It’s only “just a shoot” and if it didn’t work out, we would still have tons of fun and I would have tried something new.

I ordered a new stand online, some clamps and off we went. I did share already the first set “The Witching Hour” - a noir witch-aesthetic filled set featuring some gorgeous jewelry and designs, shot at the day. But this set just felt different and on it’s own, mostly because it featured almost the entire new collection of Church Of Sanctus - who graciously let me borrow it all in name of art (and my crazy ideas) and the jewelry of Eero Hintsanen.

The session itself took a bit of figuring out and while it’s not completely what I had in mind - I really want to try a second concept soon and I do really love the results nonetheless. They where a lot of fun and I love they look just different to what I have created so far.

I used both natural and artificial light for this so I didn’t had too much hassle with the ever changing natural light with the looming storm ahead.



Models: Chloë , Anaïs , Tatiana
Styling - Church Of Sanctus
Jewelry - Eero Hintsanen
Backdrop - Fine Art Backdrops
Photography & Retouch - Laura Sheridan / Studio Sheridan’s Art


Canon 5D Mark III
Canon 50mm 1.4 & Canon 24-70mm 4.0
broncolor Siros 800 l
broncolor Softbox 60x100


Overall colour toning and post-processing happened in
Capture One Pro. Cleaning & final toning happened in Photoshop.