The Silver Spine & Baroque Bodies (NSFW/Nudity)

The Silver Spine & Baroque Bodies

Working with Ivory Flame has always been a big dream of mine - which came true (just) a year ago where we created some of my favorite images still to date. We spoke about working again somewhere in 2018 when she would be in Belgium maybe, but our schedules didn’t really align for her or me, so we where just waiting for a better time. Until Ivory Flame saw that I had again some of the amazing masterpieces of Eero Hintsanen here in my studio which I was going to shoot. Over Instagram she got in touch with me asking if we could work something out and I guess - needlessy to say - I was really and totally up for that without a question! So she decided to literally hop over from the Netherlands for just a few hours of creative work.

These days I rather only work with people who really understand what I’m going but also have their own vision and aesthetic of the process and this is one of those shoots. We had less than 2 hours that day, as the train got delayed and she had to catch her last train back to the Netherlands for a really awesome shoot with Nona Limmen the day after so it was a very quick shoot with very little preparation. We did go over some ideas as we both wanted to shoot it nude and use the human body as a(n almost abstract) canvas. But I also wanted to use some of my favorite colorgels to enhance the beautiful designs Ivory Flame brought with her from the equally amazing designer Emiah.

I kind of really love short, powerful sessions like this. It doesn’t leave time to mess up and at the same time it’s a whirlwind of creative energy with some supertalented people. We ended up creating these baroque inspired images featuring curves, dramatic light and the fine art nude I love so much but also these almost fantasy-wisp vibes with flowing robes.



Model - Ivory Flame
Jewelry - Eero Hintsanen
Lingerie & Peignoir - Emiah

Lights provided by broncolor
Edited in Capture One Pro & Photoshop

From our very first shoot, I never shared these but I hope you will enjoy a little throwback nonetheless! Featuring work from my Arcadia series: with all the armor, redheads wielding swords and being epic - but also some kaleidoscope and fractal work. And Eden Project, basically everything I’ve been working on for a while and which I’m still working on to this date.


Model - Ivory Flame
Heart Necklace - Madonna Enchanted
Collar - Monarque Jewels
Black Lingerie Set - Emiah
(Cathedral) Halo - Hysteria Machine
Armor - Mytholon