Royal Black Couture X Tinotenda

There are collabs. And there are these “universes aligned for the greater good” moments. This entire shoot was more of the second actually! After following / admiring the amazing Tinotenda for a long time, I finally had the opportunity to work with her a few weeks back, together with my favorite corset designer out there “Royal Black Couture”. Actually it’s thanks to this lovely and talented lady that this came to life so I got to give her a massive thank you for her endless support and bringing us together for this amazing project.

We (Royal Black & I) both felt very much drawn to expanding our portfolios for a long time now and how we represent our work with more representation and diversity within our models (or the lack off) - something we talked about that in the summer of 2018. And while we haven’t done everything we had in mind just yet, I must say this was some serious way to start with our plans and I hope this is only just the beginning. I’m incredibly grateful to be able to work towards this with such talented people who have the same feelings and I am so stoked to share the full set with you all right now! Because it’s a lot. Mostly because I had about 0% work on each shot because of Tino is an amazing model, the lights just “clicked” that day immediately and there is the craftmanship that Royal Black delivers so … my job was pretty damn easy that day.

We shot two beautiful designs that day, one red-on-red; enhancing her skin color and hair. The other is shot on a dark grey backdrop with gels for a more muted yet contrasted vibe with some colorgels to bring in that touch of color I absolutely love in my work. We wanted some editorial vibes to break down the fantasy aspect without losing our aesthetics as team.


Hope you enjoy these pieces! If you’re a designer looking for images like this, get in touch with me and I will happily work out your own story for your brand and designs!


Model & Makeup - Tinotenda
Couture Ensembles - Royal Black Couture
Photography & Post-Processing: Studio Sheridan’s Art / Laura Sheridan

Edited in Capture One Pro & Adobe Photoshop
Lights by broncolor