A little touch of darkness for the Halloween month

It’s one of my favorite months now with Halloween and so, there is no better time to try my hands on something more editorial, inspired with a little touch of darkness. My beautiful friend Spooky was able to come to me and brough a range of gorgeous styling, that we finished off with a few extra pieces from my wardrobe. This was such a fun project to work on and I’m really stoked to share the results with all of you!

Similar to my last blog, I am always looking to find new ways to use my light within a small space and most of all: how can I use light in a different way and create something that feels like my aesthetic and visual trademark. For this I thought a long time and I realised that often my main focus is to lighten the face from the front – a habit I have developed and most often got booked for. But it made me wonder what would happen if we would work with the absence of light – without turning the image too contemporary painterly and dark.

While researching I realised I didn’t want any harsh shadows and keep a smooth transition between the darker and lighter parts, so I opted to work with two softboxes: one being the 30x120cm and the other the 60x100cm – both mounted on MobiLEDS and a Move 1200. This would also allow me greater control over the strength of each individual light and alter as I went to fit my vision, which was crucially important.

I positioned both lights directly on her sides, with the smallest being on the left as I like to position my models facing from left to right (similar as to we read). The other I positioned on the right, as to have a slight stronger fill in light both on the backdrop and on her, to counteract the darker part as I wanted to keep an editorial feel.

When I had my lights places on her sides, I took my Siros 800 with the octabox and positioned it on the left aiming directly at the opposite wall with my reflector, bouncing in just enough light to fill in her face for a more flattering effect without being overpowering.

With the dark grey backdrop, processed in Capture One Pro to be more of a green as a complimentary color for Spooky’s beautiful red hair. I gave some texture to the backdrop by using Pro Edu their texture packs as usual, to just give that plain paper a little finishing touch.


Light Diagram

Modifiers: 60x100cm softbox
30x120cm softbox
100cm octabox

Lamps: broncolor Siros 800
broncolor move 1200 + 2 MobiLEDS

Extra: 2m reflector
Colorama “Dark Grey” backdrop

Gear & Programs

Shot on a Canon 5D Mark III with a 50mm 1.4
Edited in Capture One Pro & Adobe Photoshop

Light Diagram - October1.jpg