Flowers, beauty and colours

Published for broncolor GenNEXT blog in october, “Coruscate” is a beauty inspired editorial where I wanted to create something bold and colorful. Over at the GenNEXT broncolor blog you can find my entire workflow to recreate this look by yourself in the studio! I shot this look with my lady My Fragility featuring a septum by Staskauskas - an amazing designer of wearable art I had the pleasure of discovering (and realising it was the same amazing designer she talked about earlier that had some epic jewelry wanted to shoot, win-win!). This was part of an afternoon of experimenting, with this one being one of my favorite set-ups! There is something incredibly fun and refreshing about discovering a new light set-up that is so unpredictable as this one. It does gives it challenges but at the same time I can see a lot of future opportunities.


Shot with a Canon 5D Mark III with a 100mm 2.4

Lights used are by broncolor: siros 800 with an octabox, Move 1200 with a MobiLED and a beautydish and a picolight with fresnel attachment.


All work has been processed in Capture One Pro for the base colour toning, light and shadow adjustments - as well as cropping.- After this I exported it to Photoshop for further adjustements like colours, skin cleanup, dodge & burn and minor further adjustements in brightness and contrast.


Stars & Blossoms

Between Stars & Blossoms

Could you set up a shoot in less then 12 hours? I thought I would put it to the test again and give it a go! I’m incredibly blessed to have an awesome inner squad who’s always down for those crazy ideas I have and usually need to happen asap. Partially because I can rarely wait but because this time: those gorgeous blossoms wouldn’t bloom much longer. Cue some sirens, my lack of keeping track of seasons always end up rushing shoots because flowers don’t wait for my lack of preparations. I had a blast though and I had some lovely people on set!

For this shoot I decided to take out my (temporarily) retired “Starry” - this gorgeous dress by Alice Corsets I saved up a long time for and had in my possession since last summer somewhere. I just wanted some really ethereal and beautiful with a contract against the pink flowers. I was lucky to have Saartje on set for this and this beautiful white wig from Websterwigs to bring in that final touch to finish the look.

This set was shot a few months back now I think and I was still heavily experimenting with using artificial light on location - so this was one of those trial and errors and making it happen times! I enjoyed it a lot though. For the first set I used a light pink set to enhance the colors of the flowers a bit, for the second I decided to go for a deep purple and saturate the colors in post-processing. The first set I was more inspired by these vintage postcards so I made everything just more muted and soft.



Model - Lady Louiza
Corset & Cloak - Alice Corsets
Makeup - Saartje Van Den Haute
Halo - Honey & Ember
Photography - Laura Sheridan / Studio Sheridan's Art


Canon 5D Mark III
Canon 50mm 1.4
broncolor Siros 800 L
Modifier: broncolor softbox 60x100 cm


Raw post-processing was done in Capture One Pro
Final color toning, clean-up and alterations where done in Photoshop

Here are some quick behind the scenes I made: