A collaboration between corset designer Valkyrie Corsets & goldsmith Eero Hintsanen


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I had been following Valkyrie Corsets her work for a while now and when we got in touch on Insagram, the place where all the cool people hang out still online, I was stoked to hear she wanted to send me one of her gorgeous designs and above that, a make a made-to-measure corset for my petite model My Fragility. Cue the awesomness and cue the hype! Especially when my dear Eline Deblauwe wanted to join us to make something bold, colorfull and alien come to life. I knew I wanted to do something alien. That’s basically what me and My Fragility always go for, so no surprise there. I’m really happy that Valkyrie Corsets trusted me with this and of course, that Eero as usual just let me go wild with his pieces. Obviously, more to come. One cannot shoot this piece a single time. But for now, I hope you like this take on some “alien showgirl from outer space making y’all starstruck” . Over & out.


Models - My Fragility
Hair & Makeup - Eline Deblauwe
Corsets - Valkyrie Corsets
Jewelry - Eero Hintsanen
Photography & Retouch - Laura Sheridan / Studio Sheridan’s Art


Canon 5D Mark III
Canon 50mm 1.4 & Canon 24-70mm 4.0
broncolor Siros 800 l + Octabox 150cm
broncolor move 1200 + mobiLED with a P45 modifier


Overall colour toning and post-processing happened in
Capture One Pro. Cleaning & final toning happened in Photoshop.

Here is a picture heavy behind the scenes of the amazing transformation she went through to make this look come to life!

Generation XV-III (After Utopia: Cyberpunk)

“Generation XV-III” is one of my blogs for GenNEXT broncolor from my series new sci-fi inspired series “After Utopia: Cyberpunk” - shot with my dear Shienra and a whole lot of improvisation, I created this bold and colorful set I am absolutely and madly in love with. To read all about it, you have to follow this link to the GenNEXT broncolor blog! For this one here, I just want to share this whole and awesome series I am so incredibly happy with and some words on what’s going on in this brain of mine:

About this though: Working on this new (short) series is such an awesome breath of fresh air for me. I absolutely loved shooting all these fantasy themes - especially anything related to my “Arcadia” series but after almost three years of knights and armor (a lot of personal work and a ton of professional & paid commissions) & 10 years of the fantasy genre overall (I feel old hahaha) I want to change up my game and try all the new things out there that have for long inspired me.

It feels kind of weird to break my “public routine” and what I share on here and my social media, but my interest has been shifting for a while and I was becoming unhappy with only being booked for a certain, small niche. You know, there is so much out there to get inspired by and to create projects and series about. Social media had pressured me for a while into only sharing what gave the most likes and honestly, I’m still struggling with this. But I’m also becoming aware of that “social pressure” and day by day and I’m learning to let it go. In the end, this one did not become a freelancer to feel like she’s in another 9-to-5 job, as scary as it may be to take those steps into the unknown.

Onwards we go. I’m still down to shoot all the knights and shieldmaidens. But I want to get all the sci-fi babes and cyborgs as well. And maybe some traditional portraiture in between. I want to create all kind of worlds and I am down for anything right now!


Model - Shienra
Styling - Me & Shienra
Photography & Retouch - Laura Sheridan / Studio Sheridan’s Art


Canon 5D Mark III
Canon 50mm 1.4
broncolor Siros 800 l
broncolor Move 1200
broncolor 2 MobiLeds
broncolor modifiers: Octabox , Stripbox, P45 with grid


Overall colour toning and post-processing happened in Capture One Pro. Cleaning, color refining and adding “neon” elements happened in Photoshop

* Click images to enlarge *

Shooting sets like this in a small space working as photography studio it’s always a challenge to make things work - but it’s not impossible. Sure the glamour side of it looks a bit cramped and I was in the middle of half sorting out the space again, so my apologies for the chaos that is this behind the scene! It did turn out pretty awesome if I may say so myself ;)