The Dirty Playground

The Dirty Playground

About trying to shoot in the rain and ending up playing in pools


I’ve been wanting to shoot in the rain again for ages - but it’s just something I never got around too despite the belgian weather being ever changing and mostly pretty grey. So we had this great idea eventually to track the rain for two days, plan out everything to be out on set at 6am as it was raining like crazy the days before … Only to end up with some drops and nothing else. So far our idea. And not only that: we found the road being under construction so we couldn’t get to our location as well - which was this very industrial, abandoned looking place on the road.

Just when we wanted to turn around and find a different route, I saw this empty looking industrial terrain with this giant pool and bunches of trash and dirt. And somehow, it clicked in my brain. We decided to shoot right there and then in the water. We didn’t get the rain we hoped for but we sure had some water to play with. Improvise, adapt, overcome. That’s the fun part about being able to create without pressure or expectations from clients.

This entire set was pretty much for out of my comfort zone, both aesthetic and location - but also as I was very unfamiliar with the modifier I was using: the broncolor p45 with a grid (on a siros 800 l). But that was and still is my intention these days: stagnation is a creativity killer and won’t make you grow as artist. I realised that if I wanted to get better at my craft, I need to do everything that I usually don’t do. And I ended up having the time of my life honestly with it! I really love the results and it may not be something I do a lot as my heart lies with studio still - this shoot has inspired an upcoming GenNEXT blog I am DYING to share - all thanks because I tried out that p45 modifier.


Model - Chloë
Styling - Me & Chloë
Assistance - Sofie from Cosblossoms
Photography & retouch - Laura Sheridan / Studio Sheridan’s Art

Gear used

Canon 5D Mark III
Canon 50mm 1.4
broncolor Siros 800l
Modifier: P45 with a honeycomb grid


Raw post-processing was done in Capture One Pro
Final color toning, clean-up and alterations where done in Photoshop