Book your session - Your costumized Portrait Guide

Thank you for your interested in booking me for your unique experience that my studio offers! I would love to welcome you here and make it an unforgettable experience for you.
Here you can become almost anyone you want to be, make your childhood dreams come true and embrace your own beauty and story: real of fictional.
Below you will find a series of questions that will allow me to respond and work out your session to the best of my ability; together with my team.
If you have any questions; feel free to ask them in the message section below.

Your Name *
Your Name
Preferred Day(s) *
The studio is open for Portraiture Sessions on wednesdays, fridays, saturdays & sundays depending on availibility. Sessions can be booked up until the 31st of august 2018!
"Classic" Or "Deluxe" Package *
Do you want to bring your own costume or rather get the full Deluxe make-over transformation? The studio offers both options and welcoms anyone for this dream experience!
What portrait style are you interested in? *
Would you like to create your own story or live your childhood dream? Or you want to have a special self-love session and embrace your beauty? Or maybe you rather want to share this special moment with your significant other?
Your Transformation *
*Please note that the Studio only works within the in-house team for both make-up as hair - we do not work with extern make-up and/or hair or let clients do their own transformations. *
Location or Studio *
Studio "Set-Ups"
These settings are for those who want to have a studio session: Do you want your portraits to look like an old painting or rather a tearsheet from a magazine? Do you want to feel like it's a still from a movie or game or you want something crazy, colorful ... Or a combination? Let us know by clicking your preferred looks!
Location "Set-Ups"
These settings are for those who want to have a location session: Let us know what your favorite location would be! Do you see yourself in a forest or a nature-like surrounding? Or you rather have the background of human made architecture and cityscapes?
Want to add anything you think that might be usefull to know for your session? Let us know by filling in the form below!