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"A Garden Of Treasures" - Sheridan's Art Wardrobe

If you ever wondered about "how to make YOUR story come true?" when it comes to all these beautiful costumes you see passing by in these otherworldly photoshoots (I do) ; I can almost guarantee that I have something for you too. Even if it's "just" a set of wings or that finishing touch with a corset or a headpiece ... Or all of that at once and more. My wardrobe is something you probably never have ever seen before:

With over a 100 dresses (and counting), one of a kind couture & antique pieces, a wide range of headpieces and a selection of high quality wigs. As well as antique jewelry, steel and leather (fe)male armor, scales armor, floral shrugs, swords & bows, majestic cloaks and even some more sultry peignoirs & lingerie harnesses ... And by the time you pass some more as my wardrobe is ever growing and ever changing: my goal is to give you the most epic wardrobe make-over possible.


Regarding all sizing information

All sizes are an estimate; these may vary from person to person as pieces are vintage, handmade and from all over the world. While I try to cater to as many sizes as possible (from xs to xl and larger); most pieces are sourced both ethically as well as second-hand and brand new. Regular sizes are widely available (small to large) but the smallest spectrum as the bigger spectrum may have a smaller selection due to the nature of finding both affordable and/or ethical pieces. Both the quality of what I offer as the source of my costume(s) are important to me. Please contact me regarding any sizing questions and/or options if you're worried as my goal is to bring the best possible experience to my clients within my availability.

Free consultations are a possibility to check out wardrobe and/or try costume(s) on in advance. Please contact me to arrange your appointment (only available by visiting my studio in Antwerp, Belgium).


NOTIFICATION: The wardrobe section is (heavily) under construction & will be updated in the first 2 weeks of january 2019.

Female Wardrobe

Extra Small/Small - fit EU size 34 to 36
Medium/Large- Fit EU 38/40
Extra Large - ...: EU 42/....

Accessoires, Armor, Headpieces & Props

Armor - Available for male & female (One Size fit most);
a breastplate for up to cup F is available (not pictured).

Ruffle Collars

Please note:
*Dresses can be upsized or downsized in a lot of cases, please contact me for more information - Some dresses are not combinable with armor due to their delicate nature or changes of staining*

I/Sheridan's Art is/takes NO RESPONSIBILITY for the lack of available costumes due to the wide range of pieces available for clients on the day of the session. For a small extra fee, piece(s) can be ordered to be worn on the day of the session (the fee will count as a special rental/order fee to ensure a fitting (basic) wardrobe).