My Mission as Portrait Photographer

"I want to ask you to let your dreams and wishes come true - because we all have a story inside us that needs to be told and a wish we all want to make real ...
Because now, we all can and we're all worth it to become the heroes of our own tale "

Laura Bierens, Founder of  "Studio Sheridan's Art"

Why would you book me as your Portrait Photographer?

I ask you: why would you not want a portrait for yourself, embracing who you are without hesitation, creating & becoming the hero of your own tale?

My goal and passion is to give people something only I can give: a portrait of who they are and who they want to be. And not just for today, I want it to become something they can pass on to those they love and to those who will come after you. I want to give something, an experience, that you can come back for, year after year. Like a visual diary of your life and your story. Something to celebrate & to embrace.

My ambition is to let people bloom, make their childhood daydreams  come true, give strength to those struggling with their inner demons and to give hope to those who don't have any left. I want to show people they can be who they want them to be: if it's just for a few hours on set and to give them something to remember once their portraits are completed. I don't want people to feel worthless and alone, but to show them they can face anything.


Many have visited my studio already, with stories of heartbreak & depression, with deep inner turmoil and regret. I've had those who barely loved themselves and who wanted to feel beautiful. I've had those who felt too old to "be a model" - even for a day even though I welcome anyone in my studio. I've had those who always wanted to be a Knight in their childhood, a shieldmaiden or a valkyrie. I've had those who felt so much after seeing my work they wanted to become part of the series they fell in love with as well. There have been who build their game characters and wanted to look like them & I had others who just feel like doing a photoshoot because they can.


I don't care about your race, your gender, how you identify or how you dress during the day or night. I don't care about your age, your size or the scars you might have. I care about who you are deep inside, who you want to be(come) or how I can help you fight your demons.

I know what it is to feel absolutely worthless and unloved because I couldn't see my own beauty and I've lost my story many times. I've battled inner demons and I've seen many around me do. What I want is to create a space and haven, even if it's just for a few hours, where I can use my - and my teams - talent and dedication to transform you and let you tell your tale.