“Be your own Hero. Create your own tale.”

Exclusive make-overs and portraiture photoshoots by Studio Sheridan’s Art.



Fine Art Portraiture & Make-Over Sessions are temporarily closed! Our apologies for the inconvenience. Even with the success, the studio is currently under some renovations to provide an even more awesome session for all of those who want to have an amazing experience! Currently there is no new opening date, but keep an eye out on our social media or sign up on the email form below to be kept up to date about when we open up for our bookings again!

Make-Overs & Transformations

Done by Studio Sheridan’s Art with carefully hand-picked & selected professional make-up and hairstylists, with almost the entire wardrobe provided by the studio as well. All is available when you book a session with me!

About the styling & available wardrobe

Are you unsure what to wear with your transformation? We have you covered with a wide range of constantly updating and changing styling - with all of it being ethically sourced worldwide.