Portraiture & Photoshoots

“Be your own hero, Create your own tale. And rise above reality. ”

The studio offers an unique experience that has welcomed clients from all over the world already for a special, made-to-your-dream-measures photoshoot.

I. "Just a Heads" Package - Mini Package (300 Euro)
— 2 hour session

Package includes: make-over & session time with one light-setup, one full make-over look, a wide range of wigs to choose from, two edited portraits & access to the entire available wardrobe of costumes and props.

Includes a short, but powerful make-over session of +- 1.5 hours where we will be bringing out your features for your session with us - the team will give you a beautiful make-up and style your hair with the “less is more” idea and all our attention for some gorgeous details and a striking transformation. Once the make-over is complete, you will be able to dress up with everything the studio has to offer to make your transformation complete. The photography session will be 30 minutes and you will receive a gallery where you can choose out two portraits to be professionally edited.

II. "Onyx" Package - Classic Package (600 Euro)
— 3 to 4 hour session

Package includes: make-over & session time with a variety of set-ups, one full make-over and two full outfits, four edited portraits & access to the entire available wardrobe of costumes and props.

The Classic & Deluxe packages are the full range experiences the studio offers: starting with a full make-over by a professional team that will take care of every single detail of your concept. With time for the elaborate, intricate or simply wild hair and make-up; this is the package where anything can become a reality for you for a day! Like the previous package, you get access to the entire wardrobe where you can choose up to two full looks for your transformative experience in the studio. The session itself will take between two to three hours, with the opportunity to change your outfit in between and up to three different light set-ups for a variety in atmosphere and results. You will receive a gallery where you can choose out four portraits to be professionally edited.

II. "Obsidian" Package - Deluxe Package (1000 Euro)
— 4 to 6 hour session

Package includes: make-over & session time, two full make-over and two full outfits with a variety of set-ups, six edited portraits ( & access to the entire available wardrobe of costumes and props + the option the studio rents and/or purchases piece(s) to complement the look to a new level.

For those who don’t want to leave any stone or opportunity unturned: this is the deluxe make-over that the studio offers. Before we start, your concepts will be discussed and the studio will offer to look for additional wardrobe for an unique look and vision. With a wide connection and network of independent designers - the studio can rent out gorgeous designs or even go as far as purchasing pieces to make your look complete. You can choose two looks and two full make-overs, which means you will be here with us for a full day of dressing up and playing your own real life fairytale (or myth/legend/story). You will receive a gallery where you can choose out six portraits to be professionally edited.


Information regarding packages, bookings & additional costs:

Make-up & Hairstyling is not included in any of the packages but can be booked separately through the studio starting 75 Euros (hair or make-up, per look) or starting from 150 euros (per look). For an exact quote, please get in touch for a detailed offer.

Available dates for sessions: wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday & sunday
Weekend days & holidays are available at a additional cost of 100 euros

Additional people (up to three): 125 Euros each.
Additional photos are at 100 Euro.

Sessions can be hold in the studio or on location (Antwerp).
All prices include a professional make-up & hairstylist.
Prices do not include any special effects/sfx make-up.

All packages have payment plans available!

Make-Overs & Transformations

Done by Studio Sheridan’s Art with carefully hand-picked & selected professional make-up and hairstylists, with almost the entire wardrobe provided by the studio as well. All is available when you book a session with me!

Some of the amazing portrait sessions we have brought to life in the studio since 2016 can be found here: with clients from Belgium, Netherlands, Finland, Ireland, England, France, Germany and even Canada - we have welcomed people from literally all over the world to make their dreams and stories come true.

Inquiries & Bookings

About the sessions

Booking & Payment Plans: Photoshoot dates can only be scheduled after receiving a 50% (non-refundable) deposit and up to two separate (monthly) payments. Sessions can be scheduled up to 3 months in advance for (international) clients to ensure a more affordable traveling expense. Payment plans must be complete by the date (with a minimum of 3 weeks in advance).

Availability & Options: Sessions take place on wednesdays, thursdays, fridays, saturdays & sundays only. Sessions take place either in my (home) studio or on location (Antwerp - Belgium ; which provides both beautiful urban & historical cityscapes as natural surroundings).

Wardrobe & Sizing: While Sheridan's Art tries to cater to all sizing and genders; please contact SA in case of sizing questions. Sheridan's Art can not be held responsible on the moment of the shooting for lack of available wardrobe or specific requests.

Please see the "Wardrobe" section for an introduction and overview of the possibilities and available pieces and costumes!

About Boudoir & Art Nude Sessions

The boudoir sessions automatically include the entire "boudoir" (and accessory) wardrobe available in the studio - Please note these sessions are only available above 18+ & BDSM/Fetish session(s) require a pre-consultation in advance (in-person or through Skype).

For Her: I specialise in tasteful boudoir with a flavour of sensuality and sexuality. While I'm very open minded and am willing to shoot to a certain level fetish and bdsm-concepts; please see my "Eden Project" for what's available.

For Him: While I mostly shoot woman; I'm also available for the opposite gender! I'm open for up to a limited level of "Dudeoir" (boudoir for men). Disclaimer: I only shoot a very limited amount of boudoir for men. An online pre-consultation will take place before any bookings to ensure I can cater to your needs and I feel comfortable working this out with you.

The studio does not offer or is available for: boudoir sessions for couple sessions as well as erotic/explicit or pornographic images.