1-On-1: Retouching, Photoshop & Mentoring


1-on-1: Photography and/or Retouching

Level: open to anyone. Each class is made to measure.
Required: own dslr camera, laptop with programs (adobe raw/lightroom/capture one & photoshop)
These sessions happen in Belgium, Antwerp only. These can take place either in the studio or on location.

The studio works with broncolor equipment; which is both suitable for studio as on location (*inquire for details)

  • Package: 1 hour
    150 Euro

  • Package II: 2 Hours
    250 Euro

  • Package III: 4 Hours (optional for 2 days)
    450 Euro

  • Package IV: 6 Hours (divided over 2 days)
    750 Euro

A model (from the regular team and depending on their availability) will be asked to be present in a case of a class including shooting. If the student desires a different model - (s)he is responsible for any arrangements and is fully responsible for the model performance. A price adjustement will be made (maximum 50 euro off the total price).


1-on-1: (Online) Retouching

Programs I (can) work with: Adobe Raw - Lightroom - Capture One - Photoshop - Alienskin
Available genres I teach: Color Toning - Skin - Portraiture - Beauty - Fashion/Editorial, Fine Art, Painterly

Level: open to anyone.
Required: working computer, laptop or cintiq with program(s) desired.
Skype - in case of online classes.

  • Package I: 1 hour
    100 Euros

  • Package II: 2 Hours
    200 Euro

  • Package II: 4 Hours (Optional for 2 dates)
    400 Euro

    Package III: 6 Hours (split in 2 dates)
    600 Euro


1-on-1: (Online) Mentoring

Available for: portfolio review, business & client models, pricing or anything related to a (photography) business.
I do & will not cover any legal aspects or accounting matters.

  • 1 hour: 75 Euros

  • 2 hours: 150 Euros

  • From 3+ hours: from 195 Euro + 75 Euro/per hour extra.

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  • Extra costs: All classes - either online or in-person - scheduled on either a weekend or holiday have an extra fee of 100 euro.

  • Classes are scheduled between 9 am until 6 pm (Belgium timezone). Classes scheduled from 6 am (starting time) or up until 10 pm (ending time) are available at an extra cost of 150 Euro (+ weekend or holiday fee depending on scheduling date).