1-on-1 & Duo Private Classes

Don’t let techniques stop you to make your dreams come true.

Techniques, be it photographical or post-processing wise or even the more administrative sides of things can be a daunting task to overcome on your own. Sometimes you want more than free online tutorials or you want an intense few hours of inspiration and education, without the pressure of participing in a group. Or maybe you just want to have a afternoon of creativity and learning new things to enhance your workflow with. These private and duo sessions are open for any level, from absolute beginners to professionals


1-on-1: Photography and/or Retouching

Level: open to anyone. Each class is made to measure.
Required: own dslr camera, laptop with working program(s) (if retouching is desired)
These sessions happen in Belgium, Antwerp only. These can take place either in the studio or on location.

The studio works with broncolor equipment; which is both suitable for studio as on location (*inquire for details)

  • Package: 1 hour
    150 Euro // 350 Euro for 2 persons

  • Package II: 2 Hours
    250 Euro // 400 Euro for 2 persons

  • Package III: 4 Hours (optional for 2 days)
    450 Euro // 800 Euro for 2 persons

  • Package IV: 6 Hours (divided over 2 days)
    750 Euro // 1200 for 2 persons

A model (from the regular team and depending on their availability) will be asked to be present in a case of a class including shooting. If the student desires a different model - (s)he is responsible for any arrangements and is fully responsible for the model performance. A price adjustement will be made (maximum 50 euro off the total price).

1-on-1: (Online) Retouching

Programs I (can) work with: Adobe Raw - Lightroom - Capture One - Photoshop - Alienskin
Available genres I teach: Color Toning - Skin - Portraiture - Beauty - Fashion/Editorial, Fine Art, Painterly

Level: open to anyone.
Required: working computer, laptop or cintiq with program(s) desired.
Skype - in case of online classes.

  • Package I: 1 hour
    100 Euros

  • Package II: 2 Hours
    200 Euro

  • Package II: 4 Hours (Optional for 2 dates)
    400 Euro

    Package III: 6 Hours (split in 2 dates)
    600 Euro

1-on-1: (Online) Mentoring

Available for: portfolio review, business & client models, pricing or anything related to a (photography) business.
I do & will not cover any legal aspects or accounting matters.

  • 1 hour: 125 Euros

  • 2 hours: 200 Euros

  • From 3+ hours: from 250 Euro + 75 Euro/per hour extra.

  • Extra costs: All classes - either online or in-person - scheduled on either a weekend or holiday have an extra fee of 100 euro.

  • Classes are scheduled between 9 am until 6 pm (Belgium timezone). Classes scheduled from 6 am (starting time) or up until 10 pm (ending time) are available at an extra cost of 150 Euro (+ weekend or holiday fee depending on scheduling date).