Frequently Asked Questions

All the questions you might have answered.
Please read "Before Your Session" - "The Day Itself" & "After Your Session" if you couldn't find an answer here on your question!
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All about the Studio & Portrait Sessions

1. Do you shoot only in the studio? Can I book location as well?
While I mostly specialise in studio (right now); I am definitely available for session on location as well! Location sessions are included within a 10 mile radius of my studio located in Antwerp. I have a wide range of locations ready available and scouted; ranging from urban and cityscapes to little hooks and corners for darker stories and of course, forest and nature for those who want a fairytale! Just let me know what your wishes are and I will discuss all your options with you.

Please be aware that location shoots have a slighty higher rate of reschedules if the Belgium weather does not work along!
Location sessions can only take place in the morning hours (9.00 until 12.00) or late afternoon/evening (from 15.00 until it gets too dark) for optimal light conditions.

2. Where are you and your studio based?
I'm based in Antwerp, Belgium. Exact information is only provided to clients after booking as I also live in the same building.
My studio is very easy reachable by public transport (by bus from the Groenplaats (heart of Antwerp city), by Metro (Central station) or by car.

3. How does the studio work?
The studio is a small, but very cozy and homely set-up where anything can come true. One room is dedicated to everything from makeup & hair to playing around and dressing up while the second room is my studio space. There is also a separate toilet and for the very creative shoots there is a small bathroom to freshen up. The rest of the house is private.

The studio and business itself is runned by one person: Laura, but she has a small but very dedicated team taking care of hair and make-up. These ladies are handpicked by me after working together on personal projects and are highly professional & talented; but also very caring about you and the entire process!

4. I want to bring my (girl/boy)friend/parent/partner/... to the session, am I allowed to do so?
While we personally prefer to only keep it with the team & client, we can understand that sometimes emotional/mental support is desired. You're allowed to bring one person along only if we have been warned in advance. Any surprise guests will be asked to wait until the session is over (outside the studio/building). We do ask that the person stays on the background in all occassions and both allow the team and I to do our work.

Can I bring my pet?
No. Under no circumstance animals are allowed inside the building. There are two cat-residents inside the house already (which are never allowed inside any of the professional spaces).
If you do bring your pet, the session will be cancelled on the spot (please see the Terms & Conditions for more information).

Do you have a mental support or guidance dog; please warn me in advance and we will discuss the options available to make sure the session can proceed.

5. How can I best prepare for the session? Anything I need to know?
Please read the following section for all the information you need for your big day!

All about the possibilities and availabilities of what we offer as a service in the studio

1. What kind of genre(s) do you offer?
Studio Sheridan's Art specialise in what we call "make-overs & transformative" sessions with our big slogan "Be your own hero. Create your own tale!"
We believe in offering our clients to make their (childhood) daydreams come true, offering those who struggle with mental issues a way to express themselves artistically, feeling empowered, living an actual fairytale, playing their own larp or D&D characters, shooting their cosplay costumes & so much more.

Our biggest specialisation is fantasy & fairytale imagery, boudoir & sensual and unique portraiture. We also offer businesses amazing lookbooks but we also welcome performers for promotional material and headshots for their next gig! We don't feel that our imagination should be a limitation and we want to try and make this studio a space where self-expression is possible. Want to know more? Please read the "My Mission" and what my goal is for the studio and anyone who books me & the team for a session.

2. You shoot mostly models, are "normal" people welcome too?
OFCOURSE! Please visit my Instagram account "Sheridans_Art" to see a few of the amazing sessions we did or check out the client gallery. We also highly recommend checking out the "make-overs & transformations" gallery to show you that anyone can be a hero, queen or model for a day.

3. I'm too fat/old/not-photogenetic/...
In all honesty: I'm camera shy (as photographer) so I fully understand there are a million reasons to not stand in front of a camera; but honestly: it's one of the most empowering things to do. Come to the studio for a pampering & transformative session. I don't care how old you're, how little or much you weight, if you never modeled before or have done a million shoots: my goal is to make you feel epic, beautiful, empowered & like you're worth a million. Want to know more reasons why I do what I do? Read "My Mission" and I hope to welcome you here one day in my studio too for your own beautiful session!

4. Do you also shoot more erotic themed sessions?
To a certain level I'm very open minded to shoot sensual & suggestive erotic imager, as well as bdsm & fetish (inspired).

My series "The Eden Project" will show my availability and to which extend I offer this service to my female clients and my "Paladin Project" will show in how far I'm able to offer my service for my male clients. I do not shoot specific erotica or pornographic images for either gender. At the current state, I'm also not shooting any couples in either style & I do not shoot any sessions where the partner(s) are around. These sessions can only be done strictly private.

All about Collaborations & Exposure

1. I am an (international) model & I would love to work with you! Do you take tests/collaborations?
As full-time business I do not offer my services free of charge. If I like your look & I want to test with you, I will contact you personally and offer an extra set (or sets) to work out together.
If you're a professional model who does this either part-time or full-time (freelance or agency signed) or you're an agency interested in booking shoots for your model(s) portfolio; I offer a discounted package. Please contact me for more details & inquiries!

2. I'm an (independent) designer, can we collaborate?
Similar to the above question: I do not take on collaborations. I'm open for a limited base for trades & sponsorships if I feel your work fits into my wardrobe and style and the piece(s) must reach a certain minimum value (similar to my paid packages). Any other inquiries are paid. I will reach out to you myself if I desire to shoot more free of charge for both of our portfolios.

3. Do you work for exposure? / I am a charity and we wish to have you as photographer, is this possible?
- I do not work for any form of payment in exposure and/or credit.
- If you're a charity that reaches out to me; I have packages ready that cover my time expense & material for these kind of goals.
I will only offer my services if I stand behind the cause free of charge within my own decision - if this is the case, I will get in touch with you within the first few emails.

All about usage of my (personal) work

1. I am an artist, can I use your images?
Yes & No:

YES: If you want to make fan art, use it as practice or reference for non-commercial usage only. I just ask for a link back to my work or a small credit.
If you're someone looking for a cool tattoo design and you know me, we love to know in advance. Some of my models are not comfortable being inked for life on a bodypart.

NO: If you want to use my art as a reference or copy for any commercial purposes (including tattoos; if you're a tattoo artist).
All work is copyright and legal action will be taken if you use my work for commercial purposes with proper licensing and compensation.
My work is not stock to be used for any manipulations (digital or traditional); please refrain for doing so. Businesses like Neo-Stock offer amazing stock or websites like Deviantart!