About the Portraiture Sessions

Our goal is to make the sessions as amazing and epic as possible, but we also want to guarantee a pleasant experience on all sides. A lot of my clients have never experienced a (professional) session; a few articles have been written answering the most asked questions but also how to prepare for your big day and how the entire process will go.

If you do have a question you couldn't find answered here, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will personally get back to you as soon as possible to assist! Please use the contact form link attached here or mail me at info@sheridansart.com

Frequently Asked Questions
Studio or location? Where are you based? Can I bring someone/bring my pet? What do you offer? ... Find all your answers on the "FAQ" page.


Below are a series of articles covering most common aspects of the entire process, from how to prepare yourself but also what to expect and what happens after your session!

Before Your Session
How do you book? What do you include in your initial message? Is there anything special or specific you should mention? What do we need to know?

The Day Itself
What do you need to bring? How do you need to prepare for it? What do you wear (underneath)? What kind of wardrobe is there?

After Your Session

What happens after your session is completed? How will you get your shots? Do you get to choose? How does the progress go?