Epic & Fairytale Surprise Make-Overs

With just three words ... Choose your fate;
Dive into the unknow and let it transform you.

Dive into the unknown .... and let it transform you

At Sheridan's Art; my team and I always aim to give you an unique experience with a beautiful portraits to never forget your moment for the rest of your life. And to make things even more special, I decided to launch something new for those feeling extra adventurous:

Surprise Fantasy Make-Overs

Step into my studio for the ultimate experience of your life where you don't know where you will end up too; but it will blown your mind away.

When you book your Surprise Fantasy Make-Over; I will create an entire concept for you based upon a maximum of just three keywords which I will incorporate in your session. You won't know the final concept until my team and I are ready with transforming you and you can see yourself in the mirror on your special day!

Are you ready for your surprise fantasy makeover? Use this contact form to book your own! I would absolutely love to hear from you. 

How does it work?

You select your "make-over" package; the higher your package is - the bigger and more elaborate your make-over will be! From hair & make-up to the styling of your look. You can choose either a smaller package if you want something more simple in theme or if you feel less adventurous ... Or you can go wild and give us entirely carte blanche and choose for a big package where literally anything will become possible!

Once you have chosen your "make-over" package, you can decide how many photos you want in your package in advance or wait until you see your reveal wall.


Make-Over Packages


I. The Mini Make-Over

Hair & Makeup: 45 Euro (Hair) / 75 Euro (Make-Up)
Portrait Session (3 portraits): 325 Euros


II. Classic Make-Over: 250 Euros

Hair & Make-up: 75 Euro (Hair) / 125 Euro (Make-Up)
Portrait Session (3 portraits): 325 Euros


III. Deluxe Make-Over: 375 Euros

Hair & Make-up: 125 Euro (Hair) / 175 Euro (Make-Up)
Portrait Session (3 portraits): 325 Euros

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