Terms & Conditions

Portrait & Private Workshop Sessions by Sheridan's Art (Laura Bierens)

All terms & conditions (mentioned below and applied to the invoice) apply from the moment the participant agrees & receives the invoice. By giving the information for the invoice & receiving; you accept and acknowledge that these terms & conditions are in place.

Booking, Themes, Fees & Cancellations


A session can only be officially booked in after receiving the payment stated on the invoice send by the photographer. The received sum will at either be 50% of the total sum or the total sum as a whole. An invoice always has to be paid within 5 days after the received date. Only after receiving the payment, the session is officially booked in. Failure to pay on time will open up the date for the next reservation(s).


When only a 50% deposit has been paid, the remaining sum has to be paid at least two weeks in advance of the reserved date. The photographer will send out a second invoice within a least three weeks before the final date. If the client fails to pay the remaining 50% prior to five days before the session, the session will automatically be cancelled. Any made payment so far is non-refundable and not-applicable for transfer to a later date. 


In case of cancellation by the client two weeks before the reserved date, the photographer has the right to reschedule it to a new date within three following months without refunding the client or covering any expenses made so far by the client. If the clients cancels within 14 before the reserved date, the photographer will take a 25% sum of the total as an expense & administrative fee and the session will be rescheduled within the three following months after the client has paid the extra 25% taken of the total to reschedule.

Any payments and/or deposits made are non-refundable and can only be transferred to a new date within three months (minus any administrative fees if applicable).
The photographer is never responsible for any travel, accomodation or other expenses.


Sessions can be booked by anyone over 18 years old - anyone under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian I can contact & arrange the booking with.
The parent or legal guardian I've arranged everything with must be on the day of the set as well without exception; no other persons will be accepted on set.

Sessions are available for anyone over the age of 6 - Studio Sheridan's Art does not cater to younger ages.

Certain themes are restricted between certain ages:
- No horror/macabre sessions can be arranged for children younger then 12 years old.
- Boudoir (lingerie & variatons) are only available from 18+ years old.
- (Covered) Topless and/or Nudity, Fetish & BDSM, "Soft Erotica" are only available from (**) 21+ years old.

(**) If you're under 21 and you would like a (covered) nude or (soft) fetish inspired session; you must have an in-person meeting first in the studio or on skype (international only). Based upon the conversation the photographer will agree or disagree to book this session in or not. Anything explicit, full nude (breasts and/or genital area) will not be possible under 21 years old without exception. Please see the downloadable pdf to give an idea of what's (not) possible.

The photographer has the right to decline or refuse to shoot themes or concepts if unfitting for either the business, brand or due to any other reason seen fit without further explanation. The photographer has the right to also decline this on the day of the session.


In case of the emergency the photographer is unavailable due to health or extern circumstances; the client will be informed immediately and a solution will be arranged. In case of cancellation and no option to reschedule within three months, a 50% refund will be made of the total. The photographer will only use this right if no other options or solutions are available and will only use this as a last option resort.

The session & Reveal

2.1 THE SESSION - The 'Studio Rules' apply for any client who booked a portrait session at the studio:

1. Clients must arrive between the appointed hour and 15 minutes after; any earlier arrivals will be asked to wait outside as there is no waiting room available.
Any delays will result in adding a fee (starting from delays 15 minutes after the appointed time) of 15 Euros/30 Minutes with a maximum of 2 hours of delay. If the client did not arrive after 2 hours, the sessions is automatically cancelled. No refunds will be made and the "delay-fee" must be paid (with a maximum of 60 euros). The photographer will only start on the selection and editing process of the photos after the delay-fee has been paid. Failure to do so within two weeks will result in the photos being archived.

2. Studio Rules:
1. Animals and pets are not allowed in any circumstance in the studio (please contact Sheridan's Art in case of support animals for other options and arrangements).
2. A maximum of one companion is allowed only if the photographer has been warned in advance; any unforseen guests are not allowed in the studio and will be asked to wait outside.
3. Smoking, E-Cigs/Liquids & drugs is strictly forbidden in the studio and indoor surroundings. In case of doubt the client is under influence, the photographer has the right to cancel the session on the spot. No refunds or reschedules will be made.
4. The studio, dressing/make-over room, small bathroom & toilet are part of a living appartement; the client(s) are strictly forbidden to enter any other private room(s).
5. Food & drinks are not allowed in the professional spaces - with exception of water & small beverages provided by the photograoher.
Please notify the photographer if any medical conditions require eating and/or drinking and precautions will be made to ensure a healthy session.


1. The sessions will be edited within three weeks after the portrait session date and delivered in a digital reveal before any prints are made.
2. Each session has a set amount of finished portraits included in the bought package. Each session will have in it's reveal a wider range of fully edited portraits available to choose from (and purchased if desired at the current price). These selections are final and can not be asked to change; unless an extra fee is paid (from 75 Euros/photo - with a maximum of 10 portraits). In no circumstance (**) will the client see or receive the unedited and/or unaltered image(s). The photographer will make the selection based upon her experience and will include the best images possible only.

** Commercial bookings (for performers, actors, businesses, ...) will have the option to select the images. Please contact the photographer for more information.
Under no circumstance will a private portrait session client see the unedited images as this is part of the business & experience.

3. The photographer holds the right to remove any un-selected photos after the session & will only keep a small selection archived. All originals and finished images are archived after three months and can only be retrieved for a retrieval fee of 125 Euros. In case of lost portraits; only digitals will be re-delivered; prints can be re-ordered at the current price of a print.
The photographer holds no responsibility for any lost originals or finished portraits.
4. Portraits will delivered in the following format only: Digital ( 2480x3508 px , 300 dpi) & in print 20 x 30 centimeters.
Any larger sizes can be purchased; please contact the photographer for more information.

Image Usage, Legal Rights & Privacy

3.1 All images made are for private and portfolio (print & web) usage only. Any form of commercial usage is forbidden. Any other promotional purposes (that are not social media, website or (print) portfolio is forbidden. Any breaches will result in possible legal action and further compensation. You agree to defend and indemnify Sheridan's Art, participants and employees from any claims, losses, expenses or other costs (including attornney and similar fee's) when you use any amount of results from any service by Sheridan's Art that isn't permitted in the agreement.
In case you're unsure, please contact Sheridan's Art to avoid any further issues.

Unless stated on set and in written form in duplicate on the release signed on set; the photographer has all rights to publish the image(s) for portfolio, promotional and business purposes. The photographer has no right to use any of the images for commercial purposes outside the studio business and has no rights to sell it to 3rd parties.

3.2 The clients will not hold Sheridan's art (or anyone involved in the production) responsible from any claims, losses, expenses or other costs (including attornney and similar fee's), emotional, personal, financial and/oror any other loss or damage that may happen by the published photos in any way or form with no time restrictions.

Responsibility & Liability

4.1 Sheridan's Art takes no responsibility for any loss, damage or personal injury when booking a portrait session while coming, during or after the portrait session.
Any damage to the equipment, wardrobe, surroundings or house done by the client are for the responsibility of the client.
Any loss or damage of material, equipment or clothing done to the possessions of the clients are no responsibility of Sheridan's Art / Laura Bierens .

4.2 In case of disagreement; the client and the photographer will settle matters privately first before taking any legal action or use online strategies or slander.