The day of the shooting

Everything you need to know (and more)!

I made this section specifically because I often receive a lot of nervous messages about the "how" to prepare, what to wear & if anything should be brought with you (or not)? But also to avoid some miscommunications and ensure the day can go as smooth as possible for all of us involved and it's an unforgettable experience!

1. Personal Preparations: Face, Clothing & (Under)Wear

1. Please come with as little to preferable no make-up to the studio; the make-up artist will remove any make-up right after arrival and make the application process less ideal.
Any skincare in advance is absolutely no problem and we even highly recommend doing so!

Do you have any allergies or personal information we need to know about? Please let us (and especially the make-up artist) know in advance! While we try to give the best service possible; any warnings in advance will help us to give the best result.

2. Please take care of personal hygiene: wash your hair the day or evening before preferable or the day itself. 
If you desire to groom yourself; please do so the day itself (if you desire not to shave; this is no problem).

If you have problems with hair(loss), you don't want your hair backcombed/teased/.... or any other information: please let us know in advance. Some technique(s) might not be available and this way we can prepare everything as best as possible or offer other solutions on time. In case you have any hair-conditions; we offer a wide range of high quality (lacefront) wigs to choose from. If enough time is given and there is a certain idea, style or color in mind: there are options to order or commission wig(s) ; please contact me for options and pricing.

3. Wear and/or bring nude or neutral underwear; if you have a strapless bra this is even more ideal! While you don't have to run to the store to buy a set of neutral underwear specifically; please avoid wearing anything with bright color(s) and/or patterns. A simple black, grey or white set is ideal as well. In case you want to wear a specific "feel good" set to come up, just bring the neutral underwear with you and change when you have arrived.

4. If you come, wear or bring comfortabel clothing. We also care deeply about your comfort during the preparations. Make-up and/or hair might take a while as we only strive for the best. If you desire to not arrive in your "comfy clothing", we don't mind giving you the time to change to something comfortable after you have arrived!

- If you book a boudoir session; we highly recommend to bring a loose shirt & joggings or peignoir and take of your bra or full underwear off to remove or lessen any marks on the skin after arrival ; this will ensure a much smoother and faster turnaround of your portraits -

2. After Arrival - The Preparations: beverages, preparations, time & everything else

1. After your arrival and introduction, we usually start with the make-up & after we start with the hair. Most make-up takes between 30 to 1,5 hour; but depending of the complexity of the wishes this may lead up to 3 or 4 hours. Though on average, make-up is ready between 45 minutes & 1,5 hours. Hair can take up from anywhere between 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the complexity, amount of hair, desired style & any other influences.

2. Make sure to eat a (full) meal in advance; for reasons eating in the "dressing room" & studio is forbidden to avoid any damage(s) to the clothing, props & other costumes or material. There will be tea & water available as well as some small beverages if desired (please be aware while we try to cater to all lifestyles; vegan options are not standard available). If you have certain food allergies or you have diabetes; please let us know in advance and we will ensure to meet all requirements to ensure a safe experience.

We also do not recommend (and even highly disagree!) coming to the studio with an "empty stomach" to look "slimmer & less bloated" (or other reasons): you are great as you are and there are plenty of amazing posing tricks and ways to deal with anything you're uncomfortable with. Your health and comfort is more important to us.

3. There is a huge wardrobe available for the portraiture sessions; for a more detailed in advance look you can check out the "wardrobe section" available on my website. While you don't have to choose in advance; we highly recommend to check it out to avoid being overwhelmed or unsure what to choose. My team and I will be available to assist with any questions or remarks and will use our professional experience and vision if necessary while putting your wishes first. Our goal is to make you feel comfortable and beautiful first and foremost!

98% of the clothing is ethically sourced by second hand (stores) & thrift shopping or handmade by independent designers. The studio avoids supporting the fast-fashion industry and tries to stay as ethically sourced as possible as non-vegan - (in clothing (bought or commissioned), we only use faux fur. Some fur skins are available but these are all obtained in a cruelty free way. We only accept to shoot fur that you bring if it's a family heirloom or it's a guaranteed cruelty free piece - when in doubt, the studio has the right to refuse to shoot a piece/piece(s) even on set). The goal of the studio is to go as ethical as possible.

The way the studio has build the wardrobe allows us to offer an amazing, unique wardrobe that can be found almost nowhere else; but it also has some limitations regarding sizing. While the studio is always on the look-out, certain sizes are in less quantities available (for now). If you are worried if anything is available in your size, please do not hesitate to contact me for a pre-fitting privately in my studio free of any charge.

4. The actual portrait session itself in the studio is on average between 30 minutes to 1.5 hour (for one set). In advance, some decisions will be made with you to ensure the vision and theme is what you desire. For more detailed information about the portraits after, please check out the "after the session" section.

3. After The Session : After the portrait session has been completed.

1. Sadly all good things come to an end; so is your amazing portrait experience: after the shooting part in the studio (for one or multiple sets, depending on your package) we will take you back to the dressing room where you can undress (or in the studio), take of (a part of) your makeup if you desire (or go out like that) and we will take care of your hair. If the hairstylist is still around; we usually give a simple but awesome up-do to leave the studio!

2. You don't have to take care of cleaning anything; just make sure you don't forget any of your personal belongings.

3. For more information regarding everything after the portrait session, please visit the "After the session" page.

Need more information?

Please read the "FAQ" and "Terms & Conditions" regarding arrival, cancellations, company, house rules & other questions. While we try to keep everything as nice & comfortable as possible; some rules have been put in place to ensure a smooth process for all parties involved.

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