The Virtues (2018)

“Finally, it is no longer completely fantastic to think that a day may come when not the executioners alone will deny the inalienable rights of men,
but when even the victims will not be able to say why it is that they are suffering injustice.”

- Josef Pieper

This series is a collaborative project between myself and my father, who plays the organ (in the Saint-Peters Abbey). A beautiful piece of baroque architecture in the rich historical city of Ghent, thay I’ve had visited since I was a little child. It took me a long time to fully appreciate the timeless beauty this place holds and I’m eternally grateful for learning to fully see and appreciate the world and history around me. And I’m so grateful for having been able to work a project out with my father who has learned me to see this beauty.

”The Virtues” are four statues that can be seen on the altar high up against the pillars. Each statue has been carefully lit and photographed - after which I cut them out in photoshop and manually cleaned every single spot that time has left over these statue; cut them out and put them against a black backdrop to make the exquisite timeless grace of these stone statues come out.

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The Virtues

At their respective spots in the St. Peters Abbey, Ghent on the altar.